The Best Courses for Advancing Your Human Services Career

Human services are an expansive field and finding the right path to advance your human services career can be daunting. There are many different areas to specialize in and further your knowledge, but how do you decide which area to pursue? We’ve broken down some of the best courses available for human services workers and the benefits of each of these courses to help you better plan out your career path.

Autism and ABA therapy

Ashton College offers an autism course online that’s designed to help you develop a fundamental understand of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy. ABA therapy has proven effective in helping children with ASD and other developmental conditions. Taking Ashton’s autism course online will provide you with an understanding of the broad spectrum of autism and how people with ABA therapy training can help people with ASD.

A better understanding of ASD and ABA therapy can help you advance your human services career, particularly if you’re in the education or therapy sectors and working directly with children with autism.

Dyslexia and the Orton-Gillingham Approach

Dyslexia is a common reading disorder that affects a large number of people. The Orton-Gillingham approach is often used to help people with dyslexia. Ashton’s Dyslexia and the Orton-Gillingham training course online will give you a fundamental understanding of the reading disorder and how the Orton-Gillingham approach addresses it. Students will complete the course with a knowledge of how the Orton-Gillingham approach works as well as what they can do to get started on their Orton-Gillingham training. If students pursue Orton-Gillingham training after completing Ashton’s online course, they can go on to become certified Orton-Gillingham practitioners who are sought after in the fields of education and therapy.


Gerontology is the study of aging and its effects on the mind, body, and habits of people. A gerontology course will help you identify the issues that arise with old age, and understand treatments and methods for preventing those issues. If your work is in health care or therapy, you’ll find a gerontology course to be beneficial. As our population continues to age, having specialized knowledge about the aging process will put you in a position to access a great deal of professional opportunities. Ashton’s gerontology course is offered online, allowing you to easily fit it into your schedule while you continue to work in a full-time position.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and inclusion are important factors in the modern workplace. More and more businesses are looking for HR specialists with a diversity and inclusion training certificate. Ashton’s diversity and inclusion online course teaches you the skills and knowledge necessary to promote a safe and positive work environment for employees from all walks of life. A diversity and inclusion training certificate demonstrates that you understand how to navigate interpersonal relations in the workplace and avoid or diffuse potential conflicts that might arise. Mediators, HR specialists and anyone working in a diverse workplace can benefit from an online diversity and inclusion course.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation is practiced by recreational therapists and involves using leisure activities to improve the physical and psychological well-being of individuals who suffer from illnesses and disabilities. Recreational therapy programs provide you with the tools to assess an individual’s needs and propose a recreational plan to meet those needs while overcoming their personal barriers.

Ashton College offers two therapeutic recreation courses: Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation (Advanced). These courses are great for people looking to start a career in therapy, as well as therapy professionals looking to expand their knowledge and services they provide.


Negotiation is a critical skill for any career, but people who jobs revolve around workplace communication will use this skill on a daily basis. Ashton’s negotiation course is designed to improve your negotiation skills and teach you how to successfully advocate for your point of view while also understanding the point of view of those who you negotiate with. A successful negotiator will be able to employ a variety of tactics and strategies to ensure a fair and amicable agreement is reached. A negotiation course will set you up with skills you’ll be able to use in any career.


Mediation is a useful skill for anyone involved in conflict resolution between two or more parties. Mediation allows you to resolve disputes, restore working relationships and prevent conflicts from escalating. A mediation course, such as the one at Ashton College, will teach you how to guide others in dispute resolution and deal with emotions and intense negotiations. Mediation skills will help you better navigate the workplace and better help your fellow employees.

Conflict Resolution

Ashton’s conflict resolution training focuses on identifying causes of conflict in the workplace, and strategies for resolving them. Students will learn how to lead challenging conversations and identify an appropriate approach for resolving a conflict efficiently and effectively. Conflict resolution training is beneficial in any profession where workplace communications are a daily responsibility.

Whatever path you decide to take your human services career down, there’s a course that can help you at Ashton College. Their live online continuing education courses allow you to develop new skills from the comfort of your own home with instruction from industry professionals. Take a look at their continuing education page to stay up-to-date on their latest course offerings. Register for an Ashton College continuing education course and advance your career.