Are IT Certifications a Worthwhile Investment?

Whether you’re looking to get into the tech industry or have been in it for quite some time, it can be overwhelming to look into the vast amount of IT certifications that are available to you. CompTIA Security+ certification,  CompTIA CySA+ certification, CCSP certification, CISSP certification, CCSK, are just a handful of the options available to you. With all of these options, you might even question whether it’s worth it to go after a certification at all.

We want you to know that IT certifications are a worthwhile investment and an excellent way to begin or advance your IT career and that schools like TechnoEdge can make the certification process much easier for you.  Here’s why IT certifications are the right choice for your career:

Validation of Your Skills and Knowledge

Anyone can write on their resume that they have the required skills for a job, but having a certification proves that your skills are legitimate and recognized by a third-party institution. Employers look for certifications for exactly this reason. The best way to show you have CompTIA Security+ training is with a CompTIA Security+ certification.

Proves More Than Your Abilities

Having a CompTIA CySA+ certification does more than show that you possess the skills for your industry, it shows that you’re driven. By making the effort to undergo CompTIA CySA+ training to earn your certification, you’ve shown that you’re capable of setting and reaching goals. Employers are looking for more than just the right skills, they’re looking for the right mindset. Having an IT certification shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile in your work.

Certification Training is Practical

Perhaps the best part of receiving IT training, whether it’s CompTIA Security + training, CompTIA CySA+ training, or something else entirely, is that you will actually use the skills you learn from training on a regular basis in your work. Certifications hold such high value because the skills required to earn them are necessary for success in the occupation.

Where to Start

There are different levels of IT certifications depending on your level of experience in the industry. Some certifications are designed for people looking to break into the IT industry while others are designed to advance the skills of IT professionals and help them specialize. What certifications you earn will depend on what part of the IT sector you want to specialize in.


Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing sectors of IT right now. If you’re just starting out in the field, you’ll want to look at getting your CompTIA Security+ certification. Getting started on this certification is as simple as taking a CompTIA Security+ training course, like the one offered at TechnoEdge. The training course is approved by CompTIA and will provide you will all of the knowledge and skills you need to earn your certification and enter the cybersecurity field.

If you already have your CompTIA Security+ certification and you’re looking to advance your cybersecurity career, then you’ll want to look at earning your CompTIA CySA+ certification. Similar to the Security+ certification, you can get started on your CompTIA CySA certification by registering for TechnoEdge’s CompTIA CySA+ training course. The course is CompTIA approved and designed to give you a thorough understanding of cybersecurity. You’ll complete the program fully prepared for the CySA+ exam.

Regardless of what route you decide to take in IT, it’s a good idea to start earning certifications to improve your prospects and advance your career. TechnoEdge Learning offers a variety of certification prep courses that will allow you to confidently enter your certification exam and successfully move forward in your career. Register now for the CompTIA Security+ training course or the CompTIA CySA+ training course and prove your IT abilities.