The Most In-Demand Skills in The Tech Industry

The tech industry is evolving and changing at a rapid pace, and with those changes comes a shift in what skills are most valued by employers and the industry at large. Staying on top of the latest developments in the industry can help you get ahead and stay relevant in your career. We are going to show you what some of the most in-demand skills in tech currently are, and how you can work on those skills.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing Is one of the most widely used applications across multiple industries. From massive Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, more and more organizations are turning to cloud computing for their business needs.

With a heavier reliance on cloud computing comes a greater need for IT professionals who have a firm understanding of cloud computing platforms and their inner workings.

The two most widely used cloud computing services are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. When employers look to hire cloud computing professionals, they want to be certain that you are familiar with their preferred cloud computing service. The best way to prove your knowledge of these services is by getting the relevant certifications.

Both Microsoft and Amazon offer certifications for their cloud computing services. These certifications vary from entry-level, general certifications to advanced and highly specific certifications. Earning your AWS certification or Azure certification can be a difficult process, but it can be made easier with continuing education courses. Ashton College offers both basic and advanced courses for AWS and Azure. These courses are designed to help you build your knowledge and work towards your certification.

Robotics and Machine Learning

Automation plays a significant role in the tech industry these days and robotics and machine learning make up the basis of most automation practices. Robotics is the confluence of engineering and science, and when combined with machine learning, the method by which artificial intelligence (AI) can automatically learn and adapt to new information without being manually programmed, the two pave the way for massive innovations in the field of automation.

Whether you already have experience in these areas or you are completely new, taking a robotics course or a machine learning course can help you advance in these areas. Robotics training will allow you to develop your knowledge of circuits, programming, electronics, and prototyping as they pertain to robotics. A machine learning course will teach you how to apply AI to solve business problems and expedite workflows.


It may seem unusual, but the art of storytelling is becoming increasingly important in the tech sector. Whether you’re developing for a mobile app, virtual reality experience, video game, social media, or the internet in general, you’re involved in the production of interactive storytelling.  You can increase engagement by structuring compelling digital stories through use of concepts such as framing, sound, composition, and culture.

Because storytelling is an artwork, it can be a difficult skill to acquire, particularly if you’re more comfortable with strictly technical work. Ashton College’s storytelling course can teach you how to build those skills and incorporate them with your existing IT knowledge and skills.

Going Further

Regardless of how you want to advance your tech career, there’s no better time to get started on that advancement than right now. Investing your time into high demand skills such as cloud computing, robotics, machine learning, and storytelling is sure to open up new opportunities for you. Learning those skills is easy thanks to the high-quality education offered by Ashton College. Register now for one of their upcoming continuing education courses and advance your tech career to the next level.