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What Employers Expect from HR Professionals

The field of Human Resources (HR) is constantly evolving and adapting to keep up with industry standards. Last year, we saw a massive shift in what was expected of HR professionals. As expectations shift, so do the skills that employers expect their HR employees to possess. Staying on top of industry demands is one of […]

Now is the Time to Become a Unit Clerk

Exploring a career in healthcare during a pandemic may seem like bad timing, but in truth, there couldn’t be a better time to research, take courses and become a unit clerk. Unit clerk courses expose you to the true inner-workings of a health care unit and whether you choose to work in a hospital, clinic, […]

The Best Ways to Advance Your IT Career

The IT industry is one of the most exciting industries to be a part of as there are always new tech developments In the works and new skills to learn. The best ways to advance your IT career are by learning fundamental skills that the industry consistently relies on, and to stay on top of […]

The Differences Between IT and Cybersecurity

If you are looking to enter into a tech career and you have done some research, you may find yourself encountering terms you are unfamiliar with. IT and cybersecurity are two of the most common terms you might see, and depending on what sources you have visited, you might have seen the two terms used […]

The Best Path to Becoming a Certified Coach

Coaching is some of the most fulfilling work one can undertake. Watching your clients grow as you help them reach their goals and overcome obstacles is immensely rewarding and one of the main reasons people commit themselves to this profession. There are many opportunities in coaching and becoming a certified coach can help you access […]

How to Get Ahead in Human Resources

The field of Human Resources (HR) is growing at an incredible rate and there are many different paths you can take your HR career down. Regardless of where you see yourself in HR, one of the best ways to make your goals a reality is through continuing education courses, like the ones offered at Ashton […]

The Most In-Demand Skills in The Tech Industry

The tech industry is evolving and changing at a rapid pace, and with those changes comes a shift in what skills are most valued by employers and the industry at large. Staying on top of the latest developments in the industry can help you get ahead and stay relevant in your career. We are going […]

Four Ways to Survive and Thrive as an Education Assistant

American author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” This quote could be the mantra of education assistants. For those who serve in this occupation, life becomes fulfilling beyond measure through helping people with a […]

Skills Every Unit Clerk Needs to Achieve Success

Unit clerks are critical for health care facilities to properly operate. On any given day, a unit clerk will have to rely on a broad range of skills to successfully manage their workload and ensure their workplace is running effectively and on schedule. We are going to break down what some of the most vital […]

Skills That Every Ethical Hacker Needs

Certified ethical hackers need to have a broad set of skills in order to succeed in their line of work. There are countless means for non-ethical hackers to overcome digital security measures and ethical hackers need to be able to conceive of, and execute, the same strategies that any non-ethical hacker might come up with. […]