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What Does it Take to Become a Coach?

People are entering into the world of coaching every day, hoping to become successful coaches with an expanding list of clients. But it takes more than just the want to become a coach; you need a specific personality to inspire and make your clients feel safe and heard. You also need a relevant background and […]

Do You Know these 5 Things About Cybersecurity?

Every day there’s a report about data being stolen, a company having its site held ransom or people fighting identify theft. Unfortunately, in our increasingly digitally-reliant world, these issues are not going to decline, but only increase.   While this is hard on society, it is great news for those in the cybersecurity field! There will […]

Machine Learning: The Way of the Future

The concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence have been around much longer than people may realize. The first idea of machine learning was as early as 1943 as a mathematical model presented in a scientific paper, but the term was not coined until 1952 by Arthur Samuel to describe his computer program that played […]

Taking the Next Step in Your Financial Career Journey

Whether you are a beginner interested in the financial industry, a professional in their early years, or a seasoned professional wanting to become an expert, Ashton College has the continuing education class for you to take the next step in your financial career journey. Beginner in the Industry There are many reasons to take a […]

The Path to Becoming a Sustainability Professional

Sustainability is no longer a fringe issue. Organizations and people who care about protecting our environment now outnumber the skeptics. Government and company policies are starting to reflect sustainable social expectations. The days of businesses chasing profit without considering environmental issues could be over soon. Many modern companies include corporate and social responsibility as a […]